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Windscreen cleaner - winter action - 40°C
Windscreen cleaner - winter action - 40°C
Item code 42701
Barcode 8015124427017
Packaging 4
Specific product for the windscreen care: it cleans and degrease the window perfectly, without leaving any halos. Specifically indicate in the winter time, to prevent and hinder the freezing of the liquid inside the tank.
Referring to the diluition table below, dilute the product in water according to the protection that you want to get. Then place the obtained solution in the tank. 5000 ml.
Diluition table for window cleaner - 40°C:
As it is: - 40°C
1 Lt of product + 1 Lt of water: - 20°C
1 Lt of product + 2 Lt of water: - 14°C
1 Lt of product + 3 Lt of water: - 10 °C
1 Lt of product + 6 Lt of water: Summer