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  Laundry washer  
Laundry washer, formulated for a reduced foaming to enhance functionality and rising operation. Specific product for hand-washing and machine-washing of delicate garments, colored and whites (such as: wool, silk, fine knitwear, etc...).  
Item code 95051
Barcode 8015124950515
Packaging 12
  Hand tableware washer  
Concentrated low-foaming cleanser perfect for hand-washing of dishware and general tableware, in any structure not directly connected to the sewerage system.  
Item code 95052
Barcode 8015124950522
Packaging 12
  smells stop  
Immediately eliminates all kinds of unpleasant smells. Its hygienic action against odors, together with a good parfuming power, spread in the environment a pleasant sensation of clean.  
Item code 95054
Barcode 8015124950546
Packaging 12
  Hard dirt  
Specific cleaner to treat all external parts of camper - vans and caravans. It removes all kinds of dirt: mud, oil, grease, pollution and more.  
Item code 95053
Barcode 8015124950539
Packaging 12
  Sanitizing detergent  
Cleans all internal surfaces of camper - vans, caravans and boats. It's perfect for the hygiene and cleaning all hard surfaces, and it's also useful for cleaning fabrics.  
Item code 95055
Barcode 8015124950553
Packaging 12
  Diesel filter  
Gasoline filter for trucks.  
Item code 95038
Barcode 8015124950386
Packaging 200
  Hydraulic bottle jack - 12 ton  
Hydraulic bottle jack 12 ton. Ce approved. Quality certified by "TUV-GS" Istitute of Certification for transport section  
Item code 44087
Barcode 8015124440573
Packaging 4
  Hydraulic bottle jack - 20 ton  
Hydraulic bottle jack 20 ton. Ce approved. Quality certified by "TUV-GS" Istitute of Certification for transport section  
Item code 44097
Barcode 8015124440573
Packaging 4
  Wheel nut wrench with 10 nuts cover  
Wheel nut wrench for truck with 10 nuts cover in chromed metal.  
Item code 95013 e 95014
Packaging 12/24
  Inflating gun with gauge  
Inflating gun with gauge, with 4 scales. Th gun is equipped with discharging button, to allow correct values restoring when overpressure. Suitable for overall tyres inflating.  
Item code 95010
Barcode 8015124950102
Packaging 12/24
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