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  Pillow bone shape - Black  
Pillow bone shape, with brown/white and black/white colours in soft fabric, maxi size.  
Item code 92006
Barcode 8015124920068
Packaging 12
  Pillow bone shape - Brown  
Pillow bone shape, with brown/white and black/white colors, in soft fabric, maxi size.  
Item code 92007
Barcode 8015124920075
Packaging 12
  Pair of belt cover  
Pair of belt cover in soft fabric.  
Item code 92000
Barcode 8015124920006
Packaging 6/24
  Neck pillow  
Neck pillow for children, in soft fabric.  
Item code 92008
Barcode 8015124920082
Packaging 6/24
Organizer. Easy fittable to the rear of the car seat. Indispensable with babies in a car.  
Item code 92005
Barcode 8015124920051
Packaging 24
  Holder maxi size  
Holder, maxi size with cup.  
Item code 92001
Barcode 8015124920013
Packaging 12
Mobile/object holder. Easy fittable on any flat surface thanks to its sticker.  
Item code 92002
Barcode 8015124920020
Packaging 6/24
  Woodstock Peluche  
Woodstock peluche, fit by suction cup on any glass or crystal.  
Item code 92003
Barcode 8015124920037
Packaging 12/24
  Car Carpet - Black or Grey  
Set of 4 pcs carpet with PVC antisliping backing. Cut to fit, universal size, heat sealed Snoopy on the fabric.  
Item code 92021
Barcode /
Packaging 4
  Car Carpet - Red or White Wire  
Set of 4 pcs carpet, universal size with fabric heel pad. Antislip backing. Embroidered Snoopy. The screws on the front mats allow a safe and definitive antislip action.  
Item code 92022
Barcode /
Packaging 5
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