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OTOTOP was established in 1991 and year after year it has built and strengthened its presence on both the italian and international markets for car, motorbike and cycle accessories an increasingly difficult and selective market has
rewarded the professionalism of a company always geared to renewing its range of products to conform to the requests of more and more demanding customers.

It is no mere chance that the classic line has been expanded with the line of accessories for cycles and motorbikes, truck, caravan and camper accessories, the New Platinum Tech line, and the updating Licence Product, such as Warner Bros (Looney Tunes), Peanuts (Snoopy), Calcio Napoli, Maranello Made in Red, Lamborghini, while new lines of products are already being defined and others are at the design stage.
The exponential growth in sales has also led the company to form an increasingly vast inventory, the basic element for an effective and efficient service. Ototop today has an enviable organization, capable of a service that is hard to equal, that starts with research into the products to purchase from all over the world, to the painstaking design of the packaging thanks to its graphic artists, adapting to the more and more demanding standards of reference, to the launch on the market with its own network of agents/dealers and importers and staff able to manage the ever more demanding requests from supermarket chains antraditional markets in the best way.

The results obtained to date reflect precisely the spirit, abilities, desire and passion that the company and its staff have given in all these years. Therefore, for the operators in the sector, ototop is today no longer only a significant opportunity, but also an absolute certainty for success in the car accessories market.